About How Much to Pay Help

How much to pay help in India came about as we circled through and tried to determine what not only a fair rate would be to pay a maid or driver but also ensure that the tasks that help is given are standard.

What does a maid do?

In many parts of the world, a maid is someone who cleans, but in India the term maid can mean anything from nanny to someone who does basically everything to keep a household going.

What does a driver do?

A driver not only drives but many drivers are the “go to” person to get things done for a family.

This website is meant to help families determine what the going rate is for help based on locality, experience, and tasks required.

This hopefully will be a resource to ensure that both sides have a fair deal – someone isn’t under-paying someone and also that families new to an area are not grossly over paying someone with little experience.

So the question then becomes:

How much to pay help in India? Domestic help varies and many middle class families have a variety of people coming into the home to do a variety of tasks. It can become costly as well as a juggling task to ensure that “what someone does” is done, and also that

Expatriates and returning NRIs often have a different set of needs so there will be a special section based on the needs of foreigners for maids and nannies and English Speaking Drivers, et cetera.

To help us determine how much to pay help please fill out our optional, yet private, how much to pay help questionnaire.


Learn more about the rights of domestic workers in India.

In addition this page will give insights into how to help young domestic workers in educational options as well as supporting the education of household staff’s children.


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